Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

If you got the chance to watch my stories today, you got to see a sneak peek of these super cute leggings (and also that I almost got caught in a torrential downpour of rain!!!!) I was so excited to find them on sale for 50% off in the spring, that I accidentally got the navy blue color (the lighting in the boutique was darkkkk ok!??!:) Anyway, I still love them and will be rocking them all fall, winter, spring, anddd summer long!

Shop them here or by clicking the picture below! (for sizing: I am wearing a size small but would rather be in a Medium)


I am linking a more affordable, NON-faux-leather, pair here! 

This adorable tee is on sale for $10 today & comes in white, black, olive, & cranberry! It is the perfect linen blend shirt to carry you into fall & layer with a cozy cardigan. I am wearing a size small, but could easily do a medium for a more oversized look!

As always, if you have any sizing questions, or just wanna chat, send me a DM or comment on this post!





Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks

The #nsale is live for the public at 3 AM Est. tonight!!!!!! And I am so so excited to snag a few items I have had my eyes on for a while… Below are some of my absolute favorites/the best deals from this sale! I know all my girls are budget conscious and trust me so am I, so I tried to keep everything below $50 (besides for shoes) #haventstartedmyjobyet lol ENJOY!


Found My Friend Sweater,                         Main,                         color, Sky

Raw Edge V-Neck Tee,                         Main,                         color, Black

Originals Trefoil Tank,                         Main,                         color, White/ Black

Twist Front Long Sleeve Tee,                         Main,                         color, Grey Light Heather

Balloon Sleeve Sweater,                         Main,                         color, Pink Rose

All The Stops Hoodie,                         Main,                         color, Purple Fragrant

Mock Neck Colorblock Sweater,                         Main,                         color, Red Rumba ColorblockStitch Curve Hem Cardigan,                         Main,                         color, Beige Oatmeal Medium Heather

Rib Knit Bodysuit,                         Alternate,                         color, Pink Zephyr

Exposed Seam Sweater,
                        color, Olive Amber

Raw Edge Scoop Neck Tee,
                        color, Ivory Liz Stripe


For the #nsale I am really looking to buy staple shoes. This means booties that will take me all the way from Fall to Spring. This is the best time to stock up because most of these shoes will not go on sale again until after the season.  Most of these shoes are pricey, but they are staples that will last and you will get SO much wear out of!

Kochelda Over the Knee Boot,                         Main,                         color, Taupe Notch Suede


Trace Studded Mule,                         Main,                         color, Black With Stud

Yabba Wedge Bootie,                         Main,                         color, Grey Suede

Violet Genuine Calf Hair Mule,                         Main,                         color, Leopard Calf Hair

Sultan Chelsea Wedge Sneaker,                         Main,                         color, Black Suede


Lash Split Shaft Bootie,                         Main,                         color, Camel

Carter Slingback Platform Sandal,                         Main,                         color, Tan Suede

Nala II Mule,                         Main,                         color, Natural Embossed Snake Leather

Aiden Wedge Sneaker,                         Main,                         color, Taupe Perforated Leather

Athletic shoes:

Edge Lux Clima Running Shoe,                         Main,                         color, Clear Orange/ White

Air Max Thea Sneaker,                         Main,                         color, Atmosphere Grey/ White

Free TR8 Training Shoe,                         Main,                         color, White/ Metallic Silver



Tempo Running Shorts,                         Main,                         color, Black

Surplice Jumpsuit,                         Main,                         color, Red Baroque

Lace Romper,                         Main,                         color, Ivory/ Nude

Cord Miniskirt,                         Main,                         color, Tobacco

Live In High Waist Leggings,                         Main,                         color, Black

Faux Leather Leggings,
                        color, Black

Happy Shopping Babes!! Make sure to send me pictures of anything you buy! If you have any questions DM me or comment below!




The Scoop: Pure Barre vs. Barre3

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you may know by now that I am a huge barre girl! I love the feeling of working hard, sweating, and doing a full body workout, without the high impact that can come with running, Orange Theory, etc. Now, I know a lot of people who’ve never taken a barre class scoff at it as not being hard or challenging… but, let me just say this, don’t knock it till you try it! I’ve heard NFL players say it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever done!

Shop my look by clicking the picture below:


For those of you that don’t know anything about barre, it is essentially a mix of elements including pilates, dance, and yoga. Every move is choreographed to high intensity motivating music! You do a lot of isometric movements, meaning you hold a position & contract your muscle, rather than moving your limb. Barre also incorporates a lot of resistance work to build and tone your muscles, rather than heavy weights (the heaviest weight they even offer is 5 lbs — this feels like 1000lbs at some points during class!!!)

So, the question I’ve been getting asked the most is: what is the difference between Pure Barre and Barre3? Let me start by first saying that every studio is different! They are all individually owned + operated so what I have experienced here in Fort Mill, SC may not hold true to wherever you live. But, I think this blog post will give a good breakdown of the similarities and differences!

Some of the obvious differences are that in Pure Barre you have to wear socks while in Barre3 they are optional. The floor in Pure Barre is carpet while Barre3 is hard linoleum.  Pure Barre has a more cozy and homey environment, while Barre3 is aesthetically more bright and airy. Barre3 also offers child care for all you momma’s out there! I know that is a huuge deal breaker for lots of women out there.

In terms of the people, the instructors are super friendly at both places. However, I will say, at Pure Barre you feel like a celebrity your first class; you get a full tour and instructional guide from the instructor. Whereas at Barre3 it’s more casual and less individualized. At Pure Barre, they take the time to learn everyone’s name and compliment or make individualized instruction all during class.  I miss this at Barre3, where it is more of a traditional group fitness class, where they don’t do much-individualized instruction. Barre3, at least at my specific studio seems to have a younger clientele, which I love since I am always the youngest in the class😂

Relating to choreography, I think Pure Barre is a lot more detailed. I could never teach a PB class, just because I am not very rhythmically gifted, but I think I could teach a Barre3 class. B3 uses more traditional exercise movements (eg. squats) that you perform over and over to make an impact on your physique.  Both classes work arms, legs, thighs, shoulders, back, abs… but, I think Pure Barre works your abs/lower back more; there is a longer dedicated period of time for abs. Whereas, in B3 you are supposed to be working your core during the entire class, by always flexing and sucking in your abs! Although this is hard to keep up the whole time 😉

One element that I love about B3 is that it incorporates more elements of yoga, such as relaxation, breathing, spiritual,  and mental focus.  It is amazing to have an hour of your day dedicated completely to re-centering yourself.

Pure Barre, in my opinion, definitely has better music. It is loud, motivating, and more popular well-known songs! Whereas B3 plays more instrumental music with strong beats.


My first Pure Barre class was over 3 years ago and I remember being sooo sore. My first Barre3 workout was last week and I was also SO DARN SORE. Like, couldn’t sit down on the toilet sore lol. So, I think they are both an amazing workout! It really just depends on your preference for the instructors, the location, and your overall workout style that you prefer. For me, I like rotating to keep things different! Barre3 has been such a good change of pace and honestly, I am just excited to get back into more of a workout routine since graduating college!

I’m sorry if this was a bit rambly.. I just really wanted to give y’all the most information possible! Let me know if you’ve tried both B3 and PB and what you think of each! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to DM me or comment below!



Favorite False Eyelashes

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone has had a great start to their week.  I am so sorry I have been a bit absent from the blog. I spent allll day Monday moving out of my college house. I had a bit more stuff left than I originally thought😉!!! Luckily for me, my sisters are the absolute best and came to help me out. It was a mad dash to finish in time; we literally gathered up the last of my belongings just as the cleaning ladies pulled up! While it is so bittersweet about leaving college, I am beyond excited to start this next chapter in my life!

Now on to the purpose of this blog post… Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about my eyelashes! I have been using THESE for the past month and a half.


I was never really a fake eyelash type of girl, just because, to be honest, I am not very skilled at putting them on. But y’all — these magnetic eyelashes are game changers!!! Once you get the hang of getting them on, they become such an easy way to enhance your look. Currently, I wear the demi wispies, which are a bit dramatic, but perfect for special occasions + heavily photographed moments.

However, I just bought THESE, which are perfect for an everyday basis. I think they are such a great option when your eyelashes need a break from mascara or you just want a quicker application option with an easier removal.

Since they are a bit tricky to put on when you first begin, here are a few tips to help make the process a little smoother:

  • Cut off one (or more) magnet piece from the edge of both the top and bottom lash.  This ensures that they are not too long for your eye.
  • Put on a thin coat of mascara before putting on the eyelashes. This helps to give the falsies some texture to adhere to.
  • Let the mascara dry completely before applying the fake eyelashes. This will ensure you get the most wears of your eyelashes (I have worn mine over 10 times and they are still going strong!)
  • Most importantly, don’t get discouraged if you have trouble the first few attempts. It took me a week of trying to finally perfect applying them.. but trust me, they are still so much easier than using traditional fake eyelashes with glue, and look amazing!

If you end up getting these, send me pictures and let me know how you like them! If you get them and have trouble with the application process, send me a DM or an email and I will be more than happy to help you❤️



All Time Favorite Sport Jacket

While I am so sad my vacation is over I am SO HAPPY to be getting back into my workout routine. I need to burn off all that ice cream I ate every night last week #weddingbod LOL. I am getting back into things today with a Barre3 class this afternoon and a little cardio before. Okay, so enough about me, let’s get on to this jacket…

So by now, y’all probably can tell that I LOVE a good deal and don’t like to spend a fortune on my clothing! Well, this jacket from Lululemon is a rare exception. It is worth all the pennies!

I splurged on this jacket last summer, after having my eye on it for many months. It is so comfortable, versatile & flattering! I have seriously never found a jacket that hugs in all the right places as much as this one. It enhances any pair of shorts or leggings and really completes an athleisure look. It is perfect to sport on your way to the gym, on a hike, or just running errands around town.

For sizing: Lululemon’s sizing is a bit different… I usually say go 4 sizes bigger than you are in regular clothes. (I am usually a 4, so I  wear an 8 in Lulu) buuut if you want a more snug fit, like this jacket is on me, size down. I am wearing a size 6 in this Define jacket.  I am wearing the “Spray Jacquard White Black” color. I know the sizing is confusing, so if you have any questions at all, feel free to DM me or comment below, I love to answer all of your questions! ALSO, comment below if you want me to post more workout clothes for y’all🖤🖤


The Sweetest Thing top with Sequins & Sass

I recently stumbled upon the most adorable online boutique, SEQUINS & SASS and just had to share it with y’all! The owner, Jessica has the most endearing story that I know all of y’all will fall in love with. Be sure to shop this adorable top + whole boutique! Use my code REBEKAH15 until Tuesday (7-10-18) for 15% off your order & FREE shipping!

I am wearing “The Sweetest Thing” top and am obsessing over the neckline with the bow tie on the side. Not to mention these polka dots are too cute. It is so flattering and pairs flawlessly with white jeans for a casual summer look!

Read Jessica’s story below:

“I started Sequins & Sass because it was my dream to have a boutique ever since I was a little girl. My mom said since I was 2 I was able to pick out my outfits and they would be adorable. As I grew up, I would have to pick out a tie for my dad that matched his outfit. It was our fun time together. Then friends would ask me what they should wear to events or what to pack for vacation, and I just started helping everyone I knew with fashion and styling advice. Meanwhile, my personal fashion sense was to be unique, I loved things that were different! Do you remember primp, the bleach splattered sweat outfits made popular by Jessica Simpson? I had to have them, I even ordered them from all over the country! Friends & strangers alike would stop and ask me where I got a certain items I was wearing. That is when I really thought about pursuing my dream. In 2015, I had a life changing traumatic event happen, and from that awful event forward, I turned my life around. I began thinking about my future business non-stop. After recovering from surgery last year, I filed my LLC paperwork and started to build my website. The name came to me one day when I was driving and it perfectly describes who I am! I love my clothes to have a little bit of sequins and a whole lot of sass!”



Favorite Girlfriend Jeans

It’s a party in the USA because my favorite girlfriend jeans are only $19 (only a few sizes left!!! Grab them while you can)

In case you don’t know what girlfriend jeans are (don’t worry I just learned like last year!:) they are designed to be slightly more flattering than the well known ‘boyfriend’ style jeans. They are tighter on the hip and thighs, & fit more traditionally like a boyfriend cut below the knees. For girls who aren’t particularly tall or curvy — these jeans are for you!

Here’s me and my boo watching the fireworks last night💥

I promise that’s the end of the Fourth of July pictures. What can I say, I’m proud to be an American! 🇺🇸❤️☺️


Pocketful of Sunshine Two piece from Matter of Style Boutique

I am still swooning over this pin stripe yellow two piece set I wore to dinner last night. Maybe because it’s named ‘pocketful of sunshine’ or maybe because it has the cutest front tie!? It’s flowy pants are perfect to transition from hot days to cool summer nights

Matter of Style Boutique is brand new and I am already in love with their clothes! Melanie, the opener has always had a love for fashion and being everyone’s go to girl for style advice. She wants to help instill confidence in women through her clothing. What I think is most cool is that her vision is for her online boutique to not only sell amazing products, but to provide style tips & inspiration to create a stress free shopping experience! Use my code REBEKAH10 at checkout for 10% off💛💛

I also love this adorable sundial woven straw tote which is a summer essential! Shop it from Matter of Style Boutique by clicking the picture below.


Flamingo Island Jumpsuit

Happy Monday lovelies! I am so enjoying my time in Nantucket, but I wanted to share my favorite jumpsuit with y’all. It may look a little familiar, as I wore it for my engagement pictures. But — I am so obsessed with it I had to wear it again for dinner last night! How cute is this back!? Shop it by clicking the picture below💙

Also, my all time favorite wedges are 20% off $32 until Wednesday!! They are so comfy & cute! Shop them here! 💙💙

Well, that’s all for now babes! I hope everyone has the best week! Monday is only as bad as you say it is🤗