The Perfect Two Piece

Hey Lovelies💖

Tomorrow is Friday🙌🏼 And then it is all weekend from there! I am going to try to get back to posting all of my Instagram posts on here too, just to make it easier for y’all to shop. I have so many exciting things coming up this year on the blog that I can’t wait to share with y’all!!!

I bought this white two piece for my honeymoon and instantly wish I had bought it in every color!! It seriously fits amazing and the high waisted bottoms make it so flattering. I have had other high waisted bikinis that made it look like I was wearing a diaper. No diapers here!!

[wearing a size medium for reference]



2018 Recap + The Perfect Faux Fur Coat

Wow,  2 0 1 8, you were quite the year.  Sometimes, I can’t believe everything that took place in just one year! Since I could write a book on all that happened, I tried to keep this post relatively short… So, here are a handful of the biggest life events that happened to me over the past 365 days…

-graduated from the best university (GO TIGERS!)

-officially became a nurse (passed my boards woohoo)

-began my dream job in the ICU

-started my blog – this was definitely one of the biggest leaps I took. I had been thinking about it for a longgg time before I finally went for it and knocked out building my website and shooting looks all in the same day! Looking back, I realize that I should have started sooner. It was only the worry of what others would think of me that held me back.  For any of y’all out there on the edge of starting something new, I am here to tell you to just do it! Whether it be a new job, a new haircut, or a different style, I promise you will regret not taking that leap of faith!

-celebrated my bachelorette party in Nashville with my best girls!! Read about it all here

-married my best friend!!

-rented our very first apartment together!

-honeymooned at the most gorgeous island, St. Lucia

2018 – you exceeded my wildest dreams 2019 — I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us✨

Now onto outfit details — This faux fur coat is by far my best Amazon purchase to date! It is the coziest & snuggly jacket you will ever find for under $50 (!!!!) Also, these leggings are comparable to my lulu leggings & are on sale under $30 today!


From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of my followers for supporting me in this short little journey. I know I am just a small, small fish in the big blogger ocean, but without y’all reading my posts, commenting/liking on my Instagram posts, and supporting me by buying through my links, I wouldn’t even have a blog! so THANK YOU! 

I have so many goals for the blog, my life, and my nursing career in 2019… But, I will save that for another blog post. I hope y’all have the best week!




By now, y’all probably all know how much I love Smile Brilliant, the company I use to whiten my teeth! They have the best customer service & their whitening actually works! See my blog post spilling all the details on their process here!



My holiday 3-piece PJ’s are currently $5 off, making them only $20!!! Shop them here!


If you want to purchase your own set of teeth whitening, you can do so HERE. Use code lovelybeks15 for 15% off your purchase!! Give the gift of whiter teeth to your loved one for Christmas.

Customizable Shampoo + Conditioner Giveaway

I have always struggled with my hair… it’s too thin, it has split ends, it gets oily, the list goes on and on. I’m sure you have a list of your hair’s problems, too! But, I’m also sure your list looks a little different than mine. Every girl’s hair is UNIQUE and different, so why should our hair care products all be the same? Formulate is a hair care line that allows you to create your OWN hair care products, specific to the needs of your hair. When I stumbled upon this company I was so amazed that you could literally customize your own shampoo and conditioner. I took a short quiz that described my hair, what my hair needs were, and what scent I preferred. Formulate then sent me my shampoo and conditioner based on the results.

Click here to see what I specified for my hair needs + to ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!

This company is always sulfate, paraben and cruelty free. I have been using it for a few weeks and can already notice positive changes to my hair. I hope everyone has a great week + good luck on the giveaway!!!

Free People Sale Alert

A tiger win✔️ + good sales = the best weekend!! My free people tunic + jeans are on sale for less than $100 for both!! (use code FRIENDS at checkout) Happy Sunday friendss – have the best weeeek💜💜 You can instantly shop my looks by following me on the app! I’ve also linked tons of cute booties all under $40!

This tunic just screams fall! It is perfect for game days, date night, or worn casually with leggings. Shop my whole look here:


Both items are true to size; I’m wearing a size small in the top and a 27 in the jeans.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!