5 Must-Have Tips to Surviving Night Shift

Hi, Friends! Night shift. Let’s talk night shift.

One of the most requested blog posts is about night shift. How do you survive? What are some tips? Is it possible?! These are all good questions that, to be honest, I am still learning the answers to myself. 

Here are a few of my “MUST DO” tips to be successful as a night shifter: 

  1. SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP. When you get home from work go to sleep immediately and sleep until at least 2 pm! Anything less and you will be EXHAUSTED! 
  2. DRINK plenty of WATER! When you sleep the day away and then get crazy busy at work, sometimes this is the first thing we forget to do. But I am here to tell you it is the most important. A general rule of thumb is to drink 3/4 your body weight in ounces. I have been loving this tumbler to help keep me accountable! 
  3. Bring Healthy Snacks! Everyone always says this, but what are those healthy snacks?? For me, it is hummus + celery or pita chips, apples, oranges, granola, & healthy nuts (no peanuts!) this way, whenever you start craving unhealthy options you are forced to eat the healthy stuff! 
  4. Make Plans. It is so easy to become a hermit, to isolate, and to alienate yourself from friends/family when you work nights. I counteract this by making plans far in advance so that way I can’t back out and lay in bed all day. I always schedule something that forces me to get out of bed by at least 1 pm after my last shift in a row. Trust me, this is so important to maintaining a healthy mind:)
  5. LIMIT CAFFEINE! Say what!? How will I stay up all night? Just hear me out! Sometimes drinking too much caffeine can actually start negatively affecting you! It can cause headaches, jitteriness, irritability, and insomnia.  I won’t drink anything caffeinated after midnight and I limit myself to one big cup of coffee a day (usually before I head into work for the night). 

Night in the Life of Rebekah:

I prefer to schedule myself three nights in a row. So if I am working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday my schedule will look something like this:

Monday – try my best to sleep in. Wake up between (11-1). Workout. Shower. Get ready. Make a big snack (eggs, cereal, leftovers). Hang out/be productive until I go to work.

Tuesday – come home from work and sleep from 8-5. Wake up. Get ready. Go to work. 

Wednesday – come home from work and sleep until 12. Force myself to get up, drink coffee, workout, have a productive day. Go to bed at a regular hour:)

Thursday – return to a normal schedule!

I hope this post has given you the tips you need to succeed on nightshift. I promise, it really isn’t as bad as you think, once you learn the tricks. Let me know if you put any of my tips into practice <3 Last but not least, good luck girl! You got this. 




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    • Rebekah Peterson

      Hey Bri! Thanks so much for reading. I hope I helped you prepare a little! Night shift can be very scary when first beginning. Regarding meals, this was one of the hardest facets to figure out. I didn’t want to end up eating 6 meals a day, but found myself so hungry at night! What I have found works best for me is eating a substantial healthy snack before I head in (around 5:30 pm for me). At work, the first few hours go by quickly so I will usually eat a snack around 10:30-11 pm (hummus and celery, pretzels, or popcorn). Then I eat my “lunch” at 2 AM. I usually bring leftovers, which fills me up more than a pb&j sandwich would. This holds me over until I wake up that day (either 12 pm or 5 pm, depending on if I am working that night). If you find yourself hungry when you get back from work in the morning, cereal, eggs, or oatmeal would be good options! Hope this helps XOXO Beks😘

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