Are Bridal Portraits worth it?

Ladies – let’s talk bridal portraits. Bridal portraits are a hot topic, especially in the South. When I was engaged I had so many questions about them. Should I get them done? Are they worth it? What is the point of them? How much do they cost? What do I wear? The questions are endless! Hopefully, I can help answer these questions for you and take away some of your anxiety surrounding bridal portraits!

When I was deciding whether I was going to get bridal portraits done the first thing I considered was the cost. You need a bouquet, hair and makeup, and of course, the photographer! Truthfully, I was overwhelmed by how expensive it was going to be. I am going to break down this post into several sections on 1. why the cost is worth it and 2. a few money saving tips.


I worked with my florist to get a simple (yet beautiful!!) bouquet that was around $100. I wanted my portrait bouquet to be slightly different than my actual wedding day bouquet, which had pops of red roses. The reason I did this, is because wanted to keep my wedding bouquet extra special to me. So nothing would ever compare <3

Bridal Portrait Bouquet:


Wedding day bouquet:


Hair & Makeup: 

I think this was one of the best reasons to get bridal portraits done. It was the absolute best trial run for my hair and makeup. I know that most makeup artists require a trial run, but to actually have your hair and makeup photographed changes the game. I learned so much about what I wanted different for my actual wedding day. A few examples:

  • My eyelashes were too heavy and weighed down my eyes.
  • I needed more bottom eyeliner for my eyes to really pop in pictures.
  • I wanted my hair to be longer for pictures so that I could put it to either side and it wouldn’t just fall straight back.

Not to mention, I was paying for a hair and makeup trial anyway, so why not get use out of it!? I scheduled my bridal portraits for the same day as my hair and makeup trial, and thus it was no extra cost! 



Brides. I was there, I get it. Bridals are just another additional fee added on to your already piling up wedding expenses. But let me tell you, your wedding day is crazy. No matter how much time you “plan out” for pictures, you will be rushed. I got maybe five solo pictures of myself on our wedding day. The reason? I wanted pictures with family, my bridal party, long distance relatives/friends, etc. There is simply not enough time in the day to spend the time it takes to get really good bridal pictures. Spending the extra hundreds of dollars on your photographer for bridal portraits is so important. Notice how I said your photographer. I have seen other girls use a completely different (maybe cheaper?) photographer to do their bridals. Now, I can’t stress enough how much of a mistake this would be. It would be like doing a makeup trial run using none of the same products you will use on your actual wedding day. It is important to let your photographer know what angles you like, what you don’t like, etc. Another uncontrollable factor is the weather. If it is crappy weather, you can always reschedule bridal portraits. You don’t have that option with your wedding. The lighting was so much better on the day I took my bridal portraits and this added to the overall beauty of them!  This is one of my favorite bridal portraits that my photographer took.


The Dress & Accessories:

So, we all love our wedding dress. If not, we wouldn’t have picked it! That is not to say that there may be one or two changes that need to be made to make it the perfect wedding dress. What better way to realize what those are, then to have 100+ photos taken of you in it? I realized that my dress gave me very unflattering side boob. There. I said it! My family thinks I am dramatic about this, but if it matters to you, then it is important! We made a few tweaks on my dress and got the issue corrected for my wedding day 🙂 I wore my wedding earrings and hairpiece for my bridals. We ended up deciding to go a different route with my hairpiece for the actual day. I also got to break in my shoes naturally, which made them much more bearable on my wedding day!

Bridal Portraits:


Wedding Day:


The Experience

Last but not least, it was one of the most fun experiences of the whole wedding process. After all of the stress that goes into planning a wedding, this day was such a hidden gem. I got to play dress up in the most beautiful dress ever and feel like a celebrity for a few hours! I can’t stress enough how much fun it was.

Here is the proof:








Trust me, ladies, bridals are worth the time and money. I am soOoOo happy I elected to have them done. I had mine done 6 weeks before my wedding. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at all!!! I hope this answered the majority of your questions.

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