The Sweetest Thing top with Sequins & Sass

I recently stumbled upon the most adorable online boutique, SEQUINS & SASS and just had to share it with y’all! The owner, Jessica has the most endearing story that I know all of y’all will fall in love with. Be sure to shop this adorable top + whole boutique! Use my code REBEKAH15 until Tuesday (7-10-18) for 15% off your order & FREE shipping!

I am wearing “The Sweetest Thing” top and am obsessing over the neckline with the bow tie on the side. Not to mention these polka dots are too cute. It is so flattering and pairs flawlessly with white jeans for a casual summer look!

Read Jessica’s story below:

“I started Sequins & Sass because it was my dream to have a boutique ever since I was a little girl. My mom said since I was 2 I was able to pick out my outfits and they would be adorable. As I grew up, I would have to pick out a tie for my dad that matched his outfit. It was our fun time together. Then friends would ask me what they should wear to events or what to pack for vacation, and I just started helping everyone I knew with fashion and styling advice. Meanwhile, my personal fashion sense was to be unique, I loved things that were different! Do you remember primp, the bleach splattered sweat outfits made popular by Jessica Simpson? I had to have them, I even ordered them from all over the country! Friends & strangers alike would stop and ask me where I got a certain items I was wearing. That is when I really thought about pursuing my dream. In 2015, I had a life changing traumatic event happen, and from that awful event forward, I turned my life around. I began thinking about my future business non-stop. After recovering from surgery last year, I filed my LLC paperwork and started to build my website. The name came to me one day when I was driving and it perfectly describes who I am! I love my clothes to have a little bit of sequins and a whole lot of sass!”



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