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This weekend I got to see some of my college besties I haven’t seen in over a month! It is so crazy how you go from seeing people every day to twice a year😭I can tell it is going to be an adjustment entering the real world. We got to celebrate a nursing classmate get married and I was reminded of how much I love weddings. I seriously can’t help but tear up when I see how beautiful the bride is! Every day I am getting more & more excited for mine! I spent today attending church, studying for the NCLEX, & hanging with my family at my grandparents. I am so thankful for my family & friends! ❤️❤️

I went for a classic Lilly dress and my new favorite wedges for the wedding on Saturday. I am also so excited to share these earrings with y’all tomorrow! They are so fun to wear! IMG_4580.JPG

Okay, now on to the things y’all actually care about!

Amazon has become one of my favorite shopping websites! I mean it has everything you could think of and free shipping (most of the time!!) Below are some of the products I am loving right now! I will be updating this page whenever I discover new goodies! Click the pictures to shop 🙂

This self-tanner is AMAZING – it looks so natural, lasts about 6-7 days, & is SO affordable (the best possible dupe for St. Tropez). I use shade “dark” and it gives me the best color. My friend Allison got me hooked on this! 

I get questions all the time about what highlighter I use. This highlighter came in one of my Ipsy bags, & I fell in love! It gives the best glow without being obnoxious!

Here’s a picture of me wearing this highlighter!

about me

This Kabuki brush is seriously my favorite brush ever! I have been using it for forever and just buy the same one when mine gets too dirty (I’m the worst about cleaning my brushes!!) It blends so well, is pretty and pink & really makes my foundation go on smoothly!

Y’all. If you buy one thing from the list, let it be this mascara! It is absolutely amazing & less than half the price of  the Two Faced version (& trust me – It works just as well!)

I am going to be doing a whole post on these eyelashes soon, but for now, here are the magnetic eyelashes I use. These are pretty dramatic, so if you want one’s a little more “everyday”  I am linking those below, too! They are so easy to put on & you avoid all the glue!! You can re-use these, too! I’ve been using mine for over a month & they still look great.

I am seriously so obsessed with this hat! I plan to buy it for my next beach trip!

These have become one of my favorite Amazon purchases! I just think they are so adorable, they’re so comfy and so cheap! Blush is one of the most popular colors this season and the platform just adds the most stylish touch! I always get the most compliments when I wear these.

These wedges are so comfortable & so stylish! I love the platform! And…. you cannot beat the price!

I hope y’all come to love these products as much as I do!



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