Part 2: Tips for Taking Engagement Photos

Our wedding is in 187 days! Ahhhh! Okay, now on to part 2 of my series Tips for Taking Engagement Pictures!

To pick-up where we left off… Once you have your photographer and location for your engagement pictures, the next thing you need to decide on is what to wear! I think it is so important to wear 1. what makes YOU feel comfortable and 2. what goes along with the theme and setting of your engagement pictures.

For example, our original idea was to take engagement pictures in the mountains; here, I would have worn something rustic/outdoorsy. However, since we decided on Charleston I knew I wanted to wear outfits that were  beachy and complemented Charleston.

In order to have fun taking pictures, which will equate to quality, genuine pictures, you need to feel good in your clothes! Whether it be something that is easy to wear or something that you know you look bomb in, always feel good. 

It also important to not wear anything too crazy or distracting. Although I did choose two prints, I chose colors that would blend in well with the surrounding.

The first look I wore was this fabulous jumpsuit from Vestique. Wearing it made me feel like a million bucks. It is so flattering, HAS POCKETS, & is the softest material.

The next outfit I wore was white flare jeans (because these are always a good idea!!!!) & an adorable blue printed body suit. The flowy sleeves on the top added the nicest touch to all of our pictures. ©©©©©©

My final outfit choice was an adorable striped midi dress I borrowed from a friend. Opting to go barefoot completed this timeless beachy look!

For the first two looks, I wore the same strap-up chunky heels that gave me just the amount of height I wanted. I think simple is more when it comes to picking what shoes to wear!

Okay… Now, on to posing. I’m not gonna lie, when you first begin taking pictures it’s kind of awkward. You are unsure of what to be doing, not to mention you have crowds of people watching you!!! If you are camera shy, it may not be in your best interest to choose a booming tourist city! HA HA (Holden still hates me for that). Here’s our awkward very first picture:


When it comes to posing, just try and have fun with it, let yourself relax and follow the lead of your photographer. The camera can definitely tell when you’re faking it! Taking engagement pictures naturally requires a lot of PDA (which is not either one of our things). But, those pictures ended up turning out to be some of our favorites!

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you enjoy the moment and create memories with your fiance! We had so much fun shooting and it definitely was a great bonding experience.

If you have any styling questions or any question at all, reach out to me! I love to hear from y’all!


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