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Hi Friends!

I am so happy you stumbled upon my blog! My name is Rebekah but most of my friends call me Beks. Lovelybeks is a name I came up with in high school and has stuck with me ever since. I hope you come to find my blog ~lovely~ 

I decided to start this blog at a time when everything in my life Is changing. I recently graduated college (5/11), will be starting my first ICU nursing job (7/15), getting married (12/15/18) and buying a house (TBD). Phew!That’s a lot. But, it will also give me such a plethora of topics to blog about. I hope you’re as excited about this new adventure as I am!!

I pray you will find my content unique and fulfilling! I will be blogging about everything happening in my life and anything that could benefit YOU, the reader! From wedding planning tips, fashion, lifestyle, travel, fitness, health and a little bit of faith in between!  Because let’s be honest, who can get through this crazy life without a little help from the good Lord above!? I am open to all suggestions of topics you would like me to blog about – just reach out and let me know! 

I’ll leave you on this rainy evening with one of my favorite quotes:

"Money can't buy happiness, that's what shopping is for"


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Favorite Sneaker Wedges

Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday & we’re almost to the weekend🖤🙌🏼 I am so excited to spend the weekend relaxing, watching football + putting together all of our new furniture. Wait- I totally sound like I am a guy!!! But really😂 What are y’alls weekend plans?

Shop my look here!

These sneaker wedges are turning into my ALL TIME fav shoe + they’re under $100🖤🖤 This flannel is from Old Navy & it’s currently 30% off! My jeans are not sold anymore 😦 but I linked another pair of boyfriend distressed jeans which are also on sale today🙌🏼

I am working today, but have a three day weekend after today. We can do this!

2018 Fall Shoe Trends

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! While I know the temperatures don’t necessarily indicate that it’s fall, the first day of fall is less than a week away (September 22nd)!! I am sharing a few of the must-have fall shoe trends for 2018, all of them under $100 (with the exception of one pair. See if you can spot them!!!!:)

Shop my complete look here: 


Over-the-knee boots are still in, PRAISE THE LORD! I love how flattering + fun they are to wear. Here’s some of my fav’s under $100:


Animal prints are trending… Like, if you don’t have leopard in your closet this fall, you may be the only one! Heres a few of my fav animal print styles:

Ankle boots are still a thing, especially if they’re white with a chunky heel. The more “out-there” the color, the better. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for the “everyday girl.”

Sock booties. Are they a sock? Are they a boot? The world may never know. What we do know, though, is that they are super comfortable + I am going to need more of these in my life.

Sneakers. While I am usually very preppy with my style, I also love a good sneaker. Sneaker wedges are also one of my all-time favorites! I am so happy I finally discovered them + gave them a try this season. You should, too!!


As always, comment or dm me with any questions. I love to help ❤


Game Day Outfit Inspo

Today is the start of college football and I am SOOOO pumped!! If you know me, you know I am an avid college football fan. There is nothing I love more than a cute game day outfit. The two most requested schools were USC & Clemson. I’ve got you covered for all your outfit inspo needs. I will start with summer-fall transition pieces and then gradually move into more fall/winter items. I know the first few games are always blazing hot and I want nothing more than to be wearing a light dress! Also, most of these items are on sale for Labor Day so make sure to shop them quickly before they’re gone!


  • Dresses:

  • Tops:

  • Accessories:



  • Dresses:

  • Bottoms:

  • Accessories:




Let me know what other school colors you want to see & I’ll add more🖤


Coziest Fall Sweater

Hi Lovelies!

Last week we got a little taste of fall with cooler temperatures and that got me so excited for all things fall: sweaters, booties, hot chocolate & most importantly the cold! I recently got this cream color cardigan from Roots and Sparrows online boutique, and let me tell ya’ll, it is amazing. So fuzzy, cozy, and the perfect fit! I wanted it a little oversized, so I am wearing a size medium.

Shop it here for only $35:


Shop the rest of my look here:

-my free people jeans are $35 in select sizes

-dupe for my shoes are $17

I know I have been pretty absent on Instagram and lovelybeks.com recently… and I am so so sorry about that!! I just wanted to give a quick update on what I have been up to!

First, I began my job in the ICU and I have loved it so far. It is the most challenging obstacle I have taken on, but I have learned so much. And only in 3 weeks!! I am so excited for the rest of my nursing career.

Next, Holden and I went apartment shopping and after touring manyyy places, we finally settled on the perfect place. I get the city feel I wanted and he gets the location he wanted! It is in the cutest shopping center with a barre studio, Chuy’s, Whole Food, Panera, and a Haagen Daas. Sooo, yes I will be needing to frequent that barre studio😉

I plan to post a whole blog post on the process of decorating the apartment and the finished product 🙂

I will be moving in towards the end of September, and then Holden will move in after our wedding 🙂 Speaking of our wedding, we ran into a few hiccups in the planning process and are still trying to work through them… I would so appreciate a prayer that everything works out!

Sometimes it is so hard to trust in God’s plan. A friend recently shared that we should not worry about things that are out of our control. And this resonated so much with me. I tend to overthink situations and stress myself out. But really, God wants us to trust in Him. So I am making this my personal goal for the week.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Other fun things happening in my life:

I am going to be an AUNT!! I am so excited!! I am one of twelve kids, but surprisingly, this will be my first niece/nephew! Of course, she will be spoiled by everyone in my family. I am already beginning to shop for allll the pink and frilly dresses!

I am hoping that when I move into my own place I can begin to prioritize blogging again, take more pictures, find more sales, and give y’all the content you want. Thanks for sticking with me and supporting me. It means the world.



Bridal Shower Video

I am so excited to share that the video recap of my bridal shower is up! If you missed all the details, you can catch up on them here.

My sweet friend, Key, offered to film my shower and I was so excited! I am so fortunate to get to have these sweet memories captured forever.

If you are in need of a videographer for a wedding, event, makeup tutorial, party (really anything) check out Key’s website.

And now for the video you’ve all been waiting for🤗


Wedding Countdown: Our Story + 4-month-out update

Now that we are only 4 months away from the wedding, and things will be progressing very quickly from here on out, I will be writing a blog post on the 15th of every month giving updates on how the planning is going! But first, here’s the story of


It was a hot August night of my freshman year of college, and my older sister Kirsten and I were going to a famous Clemson restaurant, Smoking Pig, for dinner. While there, I ran into one of my newly made friends, Sam Cadden, and a couple of Sam’s best friends (Holden + another girl friend). While Sam was so talkative and outgoing, Holden was the shy one in the back… But, that didn’t stop me from noticing him!

Flash forward a couple months to October, when a few of my girl friends and I went over to an older sorority sister’s apartment. While there, I noticed that same cute shy guy from a few months ago, sitting on a bar stool alone. I boldly sat down beside him and we started chatting. Little did I know we lived only 15 minutes from each other back home and shared many mutual friends! Holden kept me laughing that whole evening, and I was sad to leave. That night, I remember sitting in my dorm room searching for him on Facebook and Instagram… But, to this day we can’t remember who added whom first (he still claims it was me, I say it was him:).

The next day, I got a text from an unknown number, and low in behold, it’s Holden! He had somehow convinced Sam to get my number from an older ZTA sister (S/O Nicole). Holden and I “texted” for the next couple of months until he finally got the courage to ask me on our first date: ice-skating!  Little did I know, that chilly December night was the start of something so special!

Our very first picture!

I remember over Christmas break my mom asked me who I was texting and I said I was “talking” to Holden (cue the millions of questions that were fired my away about him!!) We officially started dating on January 31st, 2015, and have been inseparable ever since!

Since Christmas is when things began for us, and we both love the holiday season, we thought it would be perfect to have our wedding on December 15th – exactly a year to the day after we got engaged!


Planning a wedding is no small job, which is why I am so glad I have had a year to plan + book all the essentials! Here is a mini update on everything that’s done and everything that still need to be done!

Completed list:

  • Venue booked
  • Wedding dress purchased
  • Photographer booked
  • Videographer booked
  • Florals/decor booked
  • Hair & makeup artist booked
  • Save – The – Dates sent
  • Registries made
  • Wedding website complete
  • Hotel blocks reserved
  • DJ booked
  • Church booked
  • Ceremony music booked
  • Cake vendor
  • Hair inspiration selected
  • Bridesmaid dresses selected

To Do List:

  • Car service
  • Honeymoon
  • Wedding dress fittings
  • First dance songs
  • Food tasting
  • Purchase/mail out invitations
  • Seating chart
  • Decor details
  • Rehearsal dinner dress
  • Hair + makeup trial run
  • Welcome baskets
  • Pick out his + her rings
  • Bridesmaid gifts
  • Song selection for ceremony

Whew, that looks like a lot – and it is!! But, I am hoping to work at it a little every month to slowly chip away. The most pressing matter on the To-Do list is buying/sending the invitations! I am hoping to do that within the next couple of weeks.

Our most recent picture🖤

Stay tuned to see what I have completed on next months wedding countdown + read our proposal story! I am so excited for December 15th to see the whole celebration come together & marry my best friend!

If you have any questions on vendors I am using or wedding planning at all, feel free to shoot me a DM or comment below!


Smile Brilliant + Giveaway = White Teeth

As many of you know I am getting married in almost 4 months (AHH!) While there are so many things to stress about, having white teeth will NOT be one of them! Smile Brilliant has eased all of my worries in that department! 

I also have a confession; I am a caffeine addict. I love coffee, Coke Zero, tea!! All the delicious drinks that stain your pearly whites, turning them a dull, yellow color (mine included!!)

I have always struggled with how to whiten my teeth… I desperately want them to be white, but I also have extreme sensitivity! Many of the Drugstore products I’ve tried hurt my teeth + never gave me the results I desired.  I recently learned that the most important part of whitening your teeth is the delivery device. Meaning, UV lights, strips, and boil and bit trays will never deliver the same results as a custom fitted whitening tray!

Luckily, Smile Brilliant reached out to me offering to take care of all my teeth whitening needs! They are a custom teeth whitening company that enable you to whiten your teeth without ever having to leave the comfort of your home! I have never gotten more compliments on my smile than within the past month and I want y’all to be able to experience the same amazing results!

Before: June 13th, 2018


After: August 8th, 2018


For transparency, both pictures are unedited and taken in similar lighting (both after drinking a Coke Zero:)

Let me tell you a little bit about the Smile Brilliant Process:

  • First, you answer a short survey about the history of your teeth (Do you smoke? Do you drink coffee? Are your teeth sensitive?)
    • After that, they will recommend the package that will work best for your teeth.
  • Then, they send you all of the necessary materials to craft your impressions at home + your whitening gel & desensitizing gel (if needed). 
    • They even supply you with postage labels to send your impressions back! This makes the process so easy and convenient!
  • You will get your custom fitted trays within a week to begin the whitening process! 
  • You begin with 30 to 45-minute whitening sessions and gradually work your way up to 1-2 hours! 

Fun Facts about Smile Brilliant: 

  • Smile Brilliant is over 70% off the price of dental trays from your dentist! 
  • They have a special desensitizing gel which is used following teeth whitening if you are genetically prone to sensitivity! 
    • This helps eliminate sensitivity caused by whitening and prevents re-staining!
  •  They even offer an interest-free payment plan ($57/month) for three months! 
  • Their customer service is hands down the absolute best that I have ever worked with!
    • They are attentive to your every need, want, concern, and email. They truly want you to have the most enjoyable experience possible!


You deserve to be confident in your smile. Treat yourself today with 15% off your purchase using code lovelybeks15  


Professional Teeth Whitening

“Love is Sweet” Bridal Shower

Yesterday was the best day ever! My two matrons of honor, my sisters, threw me my first bridal shower! I am laying out all the sweet details in this post!

It was a day full of candy, desserts, doughnuts, laughter, friendship, catching up, and ultimately showering me with all the kitchen supplies necessary to bake sweet treats!

Here are a few little snippets of the fun:

There was a station for everyone to drop their favorite recipe in my “Recipe Box.” I am excited to try these recipes out once I move into our new place! Right now, I am not the biggest baker/cook but I have promised myself that I will at least try to become better! We also played an “Advice for the Bride” game. This was my favorite part because I got to hear everyone’s personal best relationship/life advice. I definitely will keep their comments close to heart, as the marriages are all lasting (my grandma has been married 56 years!)

My sweet sister also made a Snachat filter for the Generation Z part of me 🙂 This was such a fun personal touch to add to the shower and I know the guests enjoyed it as well! Since doughnuts are one of my favorite treats they had to get a doughnut CAKE! It was so gorgeous and delicious. If you are in the Charlotte area, definitely check out Suarez Bakery. 

There was a candy bar for guests to take home a goodie bag of their favorite candies!

For my dress, I wore this gorgeous Kate Spade lace flouncy shift-dress. I absolutely love the attention to detail on it + how flattering it is! I stayed simple with gold geometric hoop earrings and nude double strap chunky heels.

I want to say such a big thank you to my sisters, Elisabeth and Katie for hosting,  and all my friends and family who came to shower me with all the love and gifts! My future kitchen is almost already fully stocked!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about all the details of this fun event! If you have any questions or comments feel free to DM me or comment below! There is also going to be a video recap coming soon, which I am so excited about! Stay tuned for that♥️


The Cutest Wedge Sneakers

Y’ALL. How cute are these wedge sneakers? Now, I saw these last year but didn’t know if I was quite into the wedge sneaker trend yet. But, I have officially joined the train. These are such an easy way to dress up any athleisure look. Not to mention, they are SO comfortable!  I can already tell I am going to be living in these this fall!

I am linking the suede ones I have from the #nsale which are on sale for $30 off! However, right now they are sold out in most sizes. BUT, you can buy them now not in your size and when the sale is over and they have re-stocked you can exchange them for your size! (I plan to exchange mine for the correct size & the nude color!) They are true to size! I have heard they stretch a little, so if they are snug at first that is OK!


I am also linking these which are super similar from the same designer & a little more affordable!

Pepee Wedge Sneaker

These are super similar but have the cutest side zipper, are not on sale, BUT are fully stocked! (the grey suede are on sale for $59 in select sizes)




My Eating Tip That Actually Works

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

One of the most common questions I get is about my diet. Y’all are interested in what I eat, when I eat it, etc… So! I am finally writing this blog post. I truly hope y’all enjoy it & find it informative!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I genuinely enjoy food. I LOVE to eat and tend to eat a lot… like, most people are surprised at how much I eat! Haha.

(shop my black maxi by clicking the picture below)


To be honest I don’t really have a ‘diet.’ I am a huge proponent of listening to your body… Whenever I first think I am hungry, I make sure I am actually hungry. I do this by drinking a big glass of water and trying to wait a few minutes to see if I’m still “hungry.” Most of the times I am usually just thirsty or bored… But, if I am still hungry, I EAT!

I think something that makes my eating habits unique is that I do not snack. I eat two big meals a day and that is essentially it. I definitely get all my calories in like this!! So, for example, if I go out to eat for breakfast I will eat a large meal that will (hopefully) keep me full until dinner time (usually!)

My normal day looks something like this:

Wake up around 8, drink a big glass of water and coffee + creamer (I use regular Half & Half). Then I usually go workout (without eating). I LOVE fasted cardio. You feel so thin after! Haha.

Then I eat a really big lunch around 11-12. This usually holds me over until dinner when I eat at 5-6. Now, if I don’t eat dinner until 7:30-8, then I get extremely hangry & usually snack then (cold broccoli, pita+ hummus).

Whenever I write it out like this it seems like a follow an eating schedule… but it is actually just an incredibly natural way of eating for me. I tend to eat reallly big meals, which subsequently keeps me full for a super long time! This helps me unintentionally intermittent fast! Which, if you don’t know what it is basically a pattern of eating that cycles between a period of fasting and non-fasting during a defined period. The way it works is because when your body is digesting food (for about 3 hours after you eat) it is not able to burn fat because your insulin levels are very high + it is putting all it’s energy into digesting your food. This is called the fed state. What intermittent fasting does is keep your body in the fasting state longer to help you burn fat + keep muscle mass. The fasting state does not begin until twelve hours after your last meal. This is why normally we are never in the fasted state (think, you most likely eat at least every 8 hours). Now, I do not intentionally fast, this is just what I have noticed I do regularly over the past year and have recently started to do research on the benefits of intermittent fasting: it can help you live longer, increase concentration, help you lose weight, may reduce the risk of cancer, & simplify your life.

I usually fast from 8 pm until 12 pm the next day without eating which is a 16 hour fasting window! This allows my body to bring its glucose levels back to normal + start burning fat. I especially make sure to have a big window of fasting if I know I am going to be going out for dinner or eating a lot that night.

(shop my earrings by clicking the picture below)


I’m not saying this is for everyone, some people have to eat every couple hours for health reasons, but if you are trying to lose weight or just want a change with your diet, maybe give it a shot! If you do, let me know how it goes!