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Hi Friends!

I am so happy you stumbled upon my blog! My name is Rebekah but most of my friends call me Beks. Lovelybeks is a name I came up with in high school and has stuck with me ever since. I hope you come to find my blog ~lovely~ 

I decided to start this blog at a time when everything in my life Is changing. I recently graduated college (5/11), will be starting my first ICU nursing job (7/15), getting married (12/15/18) and buying a house (TBD). Phew!That’s a lot. But, it will also give me such a plethora of topics to blog about. I hope you’re as excited about this new adventure as I am!!

I pray you will find my content unique and fulfilling! I will be blogging about everything happening in my life and anything that could benefit YOU, the reader! From wedding planning tips, fashion, lifestyle, travel, fitness, health and a little bit of faith in between!  Because let’s be honest, who can get through this crazy life without a little help from the good Lord above!? I am open to all suggestions of topics you would like me to blog about – just reach out and let me know! 

I’ll leave you on this rainy evening with one of my favorite quotes:

"Money can't buy happiness, that's what shopping is for"


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The Best Designer Dupe Jean Shorts + Jord Watch Giveaway

Happy Friday- Eve babes! My Jord Watch giveaway for a $100 gift card ends this Sunday!


These Jean shorts are the best dupes I’ve ever seen to the much more expensive AGOLDE version that are 10X the price! I do recommend sizing up one (I am in a size 6). My shoes are the most comfy slide on I have ever put my feet into! I’ve been wearing them nonstop since I got them! They are TTS (in a size 9).

Well, I am off to work! Have the best weekend, loves!



Spring Style with a Wooden Watch + Giveaway

When it comes to a watch, there are a few simple attributes I look for:

  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style

My Jord watch came in an absolutely stunning wooden box. The craftsmanship was incredible; I almost didn’t even want to take it out of the packaging!


Frankie Zebrawood and Navy Jord watch blew me away in every category. I have never seen a more detailed, timeless, timepiece! The first thing that comes to mind when I look at my Jord watch is quality. This watch is beautiful, and I can tell it will last me for years to come. My watch is also comfortable, chunky and cute, while still being lightweight and easy to wear! This watch seriously goes with anything. I love it paired with a cute spring dress, equally as much as I love it with jean shorts and a white tee! This watch style is so versatile that the options are endless!

With Mother’s Day and Father’s day just around the corner, a Jord watch would be the most perfect gift for your loved one. Most backplates can be engraved, and the wooden box it comes in can be engraved, too! With the customizable faces, and different types of wood, there is a style for everyone.

Why Jord?









Luckily for you, I’ve partnered with Jord to give ONE lucky follower a $100 gift card to use on any Jord watch!!






Mega Shoe Sale Top Picks

Here are my top picks for the DSW shoe sale.

Everything is an extra 20% off with code CHARM.


Slip Ons:




XOXO, Beks

Electric Toothbrush Review + Giveaway

Hey, lovelies! Happy Wednesday. We are halfway through the week and I am so excited to share something I have been loving over the past couple of weeks.


In the past, I’ve done a teeth whitening review of Smile Brilliant and today I am going to review their new electric cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush.


Let me first start by saying, I am not an expert on electric toothbrushes, but I can say that this one has exceeded all of my expectations!

What I’ve Learned:

  • THE PRICE: Half the price of a comparable premium electric toothbrush.
  • BRUSH MODES: This toothbrush has 5 different modes to brush your teeth with, each focusing on a different area of care.
    • Clean
    • White
    • Massage
    • Gum Care
    • Sensitive
  • SMART TIMER: Two-minute auto timer, broken up into 30-second intervals to evenly clean each section of your teeth. (GAME CHANGER)

image2.jpegI have always struggled with sensitive teeth, so I have had to use a toothbrush that doesn’t hurt. Because of this, I have sacrificed getting a really deep clean. Using this toothbrush gives me the “just-left-the-dentist-clean-feeling” every time I use it, without hurting my teeth! I am so OBSESSED with this electric toothbrush and am so excited to GIFT one follower with one of their own!!!!!


If you have any questions at all, send me a message or leave a comment below!

Use my code LOVELYBEKSTB20 for 20% off your order of any teeth whitening kit or electric toothbrush on smilebrilliant.com.








5 Must-Have Tips to Surviving Night Shift

Hi, Friends! Night shift. Let’s talk night shift.

One of the most requested blog posts is about night shift. How do you survive? What are some tips? Is it possible?! These are all good questions that, to be honest, I am still learning the answers to myself. 

Here are a few of my “MUST DO” tips to be successful as a night shifter: 

  1. SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP. When you get home from work go to sleep immediately and sleep until at least 2 pm! Anything less and you will be EXHAUSTED! 
  2. DRINK plenty of WATER! When you sleep the day away and then get crazy busy at work, sometimes this is the first thing we forget to do. But I am here to tell you it is the most important. A general rule of thumb is to drink 3/4 your body weight in ounces. I have been loving this tumbler to help keep me accountable! 
  3. Bring Healthy Snacks! Everyone always says this, but what are those healthy snacks?? For me, it is hummus + celery or pita chips, apples, oranges, granola, & healthy nuts (no peanuts!) this way, whenever you start craving unhealthy options you are forced to eat the healthy stuff! 
  4. Make Plans. It is so easy to become a hermit, to isolate, and to alienate yourself from friends/family when you work nights. I counteract this by making plans far in advance so that way I can’t back out and lay in bed all day. I always schedule something that forces me to get out of bed by at least 1 pm after my last shift in a row. Trust me, this is so important to maintaining a healthy mind:)
  5. LIMIT CAFFEINE! Say what!? How will I stay up all night? Just hear me out! Sometimes drinking too much caffeine can actually start negatively affecting you! It can cause headaches, jitteriness, irritability, and insomnia.  I won’t drink anything caffeinated after midnight and I limit myself to one big cup of coffee a day (usually before I head into work for the night). 

Night in the Life of Rebekah:

I prefer to schedule myself three nights in a row. So if I am working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday my schedule will look something like this:

Monday – try my best to sleep in. Wake up between (11-1). Workout. Shower. Get ready. Make a big snack (eggs, cereal, leftovers). Hang out/be productive until I go to work.

Tuesday – come home from work and sleep from 8-5. Wake up. Get ready. Go to work. 

Wednesday – come home from work and sleep until 12. Force myself to get up, drink coffee, workout, have a productive day. Go to bed at a regular hour:)

Thursday – return to a normal schedule!

I hope this post has given you the tips you need to succeed on nightshift. I promise, it really isn’t as bad as you think, once you learn the tricks. Let me know if you put any of my tips into practice <3 Last but not least, good luck girl! You got this.